Melissa Lee Sisk

$20.00 USD

“I’m Your Huckleberry” tote bag || Hand Printed and Hand Drawn

Image of “I’m Your Huckleberry” tote bag || Hand Printed and Hand Drawn

“I’m Your Huckleberry” is 19th century Southern United States slang meaning “I’m the one,” “I’m the one you’re looking for,” and “I’m the right person for the job.” The expression has seen an uprise in popularity after being used in the 1993 American Western movie Tombstone, but it doesn’t have a clear history on how it came to be.

Huckleberries have many mythologies about them and meanings attached to the word. While the word has been used negatively to describe someone as small and insignificant, it carries many more positive associations. In the 18th and 19th centuries, folks used the term “huckleberry” as a high compliment for someone they found to be humble or the best, “a true huckleberry," which may have been derived from Edward Stratemeyer's use of it in his writing. It's also been used as a pet name for someone's darling or sweetheart.

The full expression has morphed over time and one suggestion is that the quote is shorthand for “I’m your Huckleberry (Finn to your Tom Sawyer),” especially as its peak in popularity was during Mark Twain's life. Additionally, part of the quote may be derived from the saying “bet a huckleberry to a persimmon,” which means to place a small bet, or "I'm a huckleberry over your persimmon" meaning "I'm just a bit better than you (even if you do find me smaller.)"

In the movie Tombstone, Doc Watson dryly and sarcastically says the expression to tease and threaten Johnny Ringo. But, now that you’ve read a bit of history about this expression, I hope you also see the optimistic tone that I take from it. When you show off this quote to others, you are saying that you’re the one they can count on and the one they want. You have their back and you’ll be their sweetness.


// Fabric:
- 12 oz., 100% premium cotton canvas
- 14" cotton webbed handles with reinforced stress points
- 4" side and bottom gusset

// Size:
- 14.5" x 12.5" x 4" (36.83 x 31.75 x 10.16 cm)

// Care Instructions: Totes should be washed on the gentle cycle (cold) and air dried. If any items need to be ironed, iron on the reverse side. Since this ink is heat cured, it will melt if you do not iron on the reverse side.

// Process:
This item will be made just for you! All of my items are individually hand printed, which can lead to slight variations in placement. The ink is heat cured and will not fade over time. All designs are printed with Union Ink plastisol. Since my items are printed to order, there is a 1-2 week processing time before shipping. If you absolutely need an item shipped quicker than that, please message to see if I can accommodate you!

// Additional Notes:
Due to the customized nature of these items, t-shirts and tote bags cannot be returned once shipped. Exchanges may be available based on certain criteria, so please message me.


Model: Grace.
She uses her tote to carry her rock climbing equipment.